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Courses available on Academy+


Oral health 

Academy+ offers courses to support modern healthcare professionals to recognise, diagnose and treat various ailments. In partnership with Listerine®, you will have access to the latest science-based information on oral health and its effect on patient health. You will learn more about various dental conditions, how to identify them, and what treatment options to recommend to your patients. 

Staying up to date with the latest in Oral Health is important, interesting, and seamless with Academy+.


Infant health

Academy+ delivers important courses focussed on all aspects of infant health. Healthcare professionals can learn about the importance of a healthy skin biome on lifetime health, understand the dangers of dehydration in infants and overall infant health. You will also learn the most appropriate treatment options to set babies up to thrive in life. All courses are interactive and informative, and all available courses can be viewed on your dashboard when you log in.

Staying up to date with all aspects of Infant Health is important and fascinating with Academy+. 

Seasonal ailments

The changing seasons can mean changes in seasonal ailments. Academy+ will ensure you have the information to help your patients treat their common summer and winter ailments. The interactive and fascinating content will introduce you to common seasonal conditions and support your diagnosis and treatment with real-world patient stories, recommendations, and methods.

Staying up to date with the latest in summer, winter, and allergies is easy with Academy+. You will be prepared to assist your patients to stay happy and healthy all year round.

Valuable professional resources

In addition to the courses and spotlights, you will also have access to informative downloads, videos, news, and articles on all aspects of health. The resources have been specially developed so you can better assist your patients in their healthcare. 

Staying up to date with the latest in science-based patient information, treatment recommendations and news is easy with Academy+. You’ll always have the tools, patient resources, and knowledge to help your patients thrive in good health.